Time Warner/Warner Bros


The production company ‘Wall to Wall’ (Client), were planning to embark to SE Iraq, to film a series for PBS and ARTE called: ‘First Civilisations’. The clients primary objective was to explore how early man started to form cities and move away from the nomadic lifestyle.

SEAK Global’s task was to deliver the following capabilities in order to provide security and facilitation; Tribal & PMU Facilitation, local Interpreter, accommodation & food at location, Local Security (Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU), Flights, Visa’s to be organised through the MOI with all letters and permission granted for filming, Crew armoured transportation, Technical mobile & tracking hardware, Iraq Sim Cards, and all synced into a 24-hour tracking and monitoring through the PR!SM platform.


Operating in a hostile region where tension in this area of Iraq was not being reported on, both in regional or local news channels. Provide a tacking solution which would monitor the client’s individual employees, as well as assets and expensive critical mission equipment.

All employees on the trip had completed limited hostile training with a range of multi-nationalities and finally, with frequent power cuts and poor GSM signalling in this part of Iraq, providing a tracking solution which would be 100% dependable, accurate, and timely.

The Solution

Based on the nature of the task, SEAK offered a tailored service to the client by utilising our in-house satellite trackers and Native Apps, all combined into PR!SM. We would be capable of monitoring from the SEAK Ops room in London, as well as an option for the client to monitor from their office. On the ground, deliver all of the requirements through our in-house S²I facilitation team, capable of liaising with community and tribal elements with the knowledge and access to monitor any tensions with a regional armed security unit capable of operating in this part of Iraq.    

The Results

The client in London was able to monitor the progress live on screen and receive reports on the day to day progress. In addition, we assisted in facilitating licensed filming equipment such as UAVs and, whilst all employees were kept safe, similar groups in the region encountered hostilities and in one case, a fatality. Through effective facilitation of our S²I Team and technical competence, the client completed all filming to provide coverage for the documentary, again within budgetary constraints.