Insight offers our clients access to information on rapidly unfolding events of global political, security and economic importance.

Insight provides in-depth reporting into critical and complex political, economic and social developments as they unfold around the world. We deliver assessments and investigations to support complex decision-making, particularly in high risk and remote areas.

Our reporting follows a multi-source model which selects specific information feeds from the broadest range of collection capabilities, weaves them together and analyses the findings to produce insightful reporting tailored to our clients’ needs. The bespoke nature of this fused model produces high-level reporting which can guide well-informed decision-making.

There’s a facility to commission larger projects that require more detailed research as well as to identify potential trends that could develop into serious threats later on. By providing country-focused analyses and assessments, our team of leading academics can provide foresight on issues that may become important in the near to medium-term future.

Insight has an established pedigree covering high threat areas, with a particular focus on the complex and dynamic situations in Africa. Despite the challenging African environment, we have routinely demonstrated that our multi-source collection model can provide high-fidelity network and situational understanding. Through a leadership with unrivalled experience in understanding and targeting threats in across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America and South Asia, from the strategic level to the tactical level, and from the most demanding perspective of the National Security domain. Our analytical team – immersed in the environment – are well placed to provide assessment and analysis of risks, emerging threats and changes in the commercial operating environment.

Via ongoing analysis and regular counsel, we can advise on specific matters of importance. This is especially useful when securing access to a particular opportunity or new market entry, or when changing political regimes create uncertainty.

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