Adaptable forward thinking solutions for individuals, families, companies and governments worldwide.

SEAK Global offers an integrated strategy-led suite of services that are enabled by advanced technology. All of our innovative services are fully bespoke, thus always specifically suited to the requirements of the client.

Our platforms help our customers reach their goals within whichever environment they are operating in. This includes our SAFE platform for connecting with people during emergencies and the TARIAN application for managing harassment, as well as our PR!SM safeguarding tool. This is in addition to our S2I facility for monitoring worldwide events, meaning SEAK Global will provide you with the best knowledge, advice and intelligence.

With our unique combination of market expertise and advanced technological platforms, we are able to effectively deliver tailored solutions through the platforms listed below.



Our SAFE platform and smartphone application is a technologically advanced solution for connecting with friends, family members and colleagues during emergency incidents. Using SMS messages, e-mails and a check-in facility via GPS, app users will be able to easily figure out who is safe and who requires assistance when navigating potentially high risk areas.


TARIAN is a smartphone application and an integrated case management platform for effective threat assessment, response management and evidence gathering. Aimed at tackling harassment of all types including cyberbullying and stalking, TARIAN enables the user to capture threats or abuse that have been received through social media. Users can then store it within the platform in a dedicated case file.

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SEAK Global’s PR!SM platform is a safeguarding tool that provides real time situational awareness of individuals, important assets and facilities. The information will be gathered directly through the app to ensure that the user has up to date data to make informed decisions. PR!SM delivers information through the combination of tracking technology and the utilisation of worldwide news and intelligence services.


Offering valuable insight into critical developments as they unfold all over the globe, S2I enables users to receive cutting edge analysis and the most recent worldwide updates. When new political regimes are causing uncertainty or clients are looking for secure access to a new business opportunity, we will advise them through ongoing analysis in a clearly communicated manner.