The SEAK Specific Situational Intelligence S²I system offers our clients access to information on rapidly unfolding events of global political, security and economic importance.

S²I offers in-depth insights into critical and complex political, economic and social developments as they unfold around the world. This service encompasses three core areas: bi-weekly reporting, bespoke research and decision makers counsel. Clients will receive cutting-edge analyses and up-to-date information on global developments.

There’s a facility to commission larger projects that require more detailed research as well as to identify potential trends that could develop into serious threats later on. The S²I platform provides insights for leaders, helping them understand complex problems while allowing for more informed and nuanced decision making. Developed by world-leading experts, this platform focuses on very real political, economic and social issues through the use of academic rigour.

The S²I platform utilises world-leading analysts drawn from a variety of academic backgrounds, including think-tanks. These services are delivered through in-person presentations, meetings, bi-weekly reports and bespoke desk or field-based research. By providing country-focused analyses and assessments, our team of leading academics can provide foresight on issues that may become important in the near to medium-term future.

Through ongoing analysis and regular counsel, we can advise on specific matters of importance. This is especially useful when securing access to a particular opportunity or new market entry, or when changing political regimes create uncertainty.

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