The SAFE Business cloud platform and app is delivered in one of two ways: self-managed or SAFE MS; a managed service including 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre capability.

SAFEMS provides comprehensive management of your SAFEBusiness platform and personnel from start to finish, combining SEAK’s in-house customer management with a 24/7 UK NSI Gold accredited partner Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Through customer defined response protocols, SAFEMS integrates with your existing security provisions and partners to protect and enhance current personnel safety and security investment.

Green protocols: customer messaging and check-ins with responses collated on a dashboard.

Amber protocols: platform instigated responses referred back to the customer for action, or app instigated responses referred to the ARC for professional resolution.

Red protocols: directly to the ARC, who engage emergency services as required.

Operating 24/7 and with two separate locations for resilience, all alerts are dealt with by ARC call handlers trained to recognise signs of emerging threat and act quickly following specialist protocols to ensure a timely and appropriate response.

SAFEMS enhances your personnel safety by:

Delivering routine communications including proactive mental wellbeing messaging, as well as 24/7 management of critical situations as they occur.

Providing anytime response to alerts activated by app users, directly assisting your personnel in emergency situations by following proven protocols and notifying key responders.

Utilising location and alert data to direct key responders, or private and public emergency services, to resolution of the incident.

Contacting an app user if their amber SAFE Timer has expired, and referring missed check-in requests to the customer, to ensure their wellbeing, and escalating protocols if unresponsive.

Using URN privilege to communicate directly with public emergency services on behalf of an app user, ensuring the fastest possible response in life-threatening situations.

SAFEMS protects your existing security investment by:

Delivering dashboards on utilisation, behaviours, and trends, assisting your protocols, safety planning, and strategy.

Increasing user adoption and individual cover whilst reducing load on internal resources and maintaining control and visibility.

A comprehensive year-round training and improvement programme that ensures consistently high standards and performance, alongside regular auditing by the National Security Inspectorate.

Logging all critical event information and auditable details of emergency activations and resolutions for your records and strategic safety planning.