The threat to businesses is significant relative to the cost and simplicity of the solution.

SAFE Business is the first of its kind. A personal safeguarding platform offered to customers through a SaaS business model developed on Cloud Firestore – Firebase’s most intuitive secure database providing instant scalability.

Crises affect indiscriminately. During incidents that are unpredictable in their location, duration, and severity, time is a critical asset. The ability to communicate urgent information and rapidly account for the wellbeing of employees is the most effective method of safely managing unforeseen events.

With three core platform modules delivered by two-way communications, SAFE Business provides instant emergency and safeguarding functionality on almost limitless scale.

The provision of an accessible, scalable software on a pay as you go business model is suited to any business concerned with providing enhanced employee safeguarding, irrespective of industry. Organisations have an ethical and legal protective obligation to staff. Meeting these requirements is obligatory, exceeding them is our objective.


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