Enhancing the safety of key personnel within organisations, corporations, and governments.

SAFEBusiness is a centralised cloud platform and integrated mobile app delivering exceptional personnel safety capabilities. Comprised of six core modules, SAFEBusiness may be self-managed within your existing security and risk estate, or part of a 24/7 managed service, SAFEMS.

Crises affect indiscriminately. During incidents that are unpredictable in their location, duration, and severity, time is a critical asset. The ability to communicate urgent information and rapidly account for the wellbeing of employees is essential.

With the below core platform modules delivered by two-way communications, SAFEBusiness provides visible individual and group support for the mental and physical wellbeing of your personnel.

Whether self-managed or part of our comprehensive SAFEMS, the platform is designed to enhance your existing security provisions, partners, and protocols and to protect your current personnel safety investment.



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