A secure risk management platform providing real-time situational awareness of your people, assets and facilities. 

SAFE Business is an innovative tracking and early warning dual-technology system. Whether for large or small organisations, SAFE Business provides threat mitigation via our integrated safeguarding App and back-end portal – serving as a secure internal risk management platform – to provide real-time global situational awareness of critical assets, facilities, and individuals worldwide.

Our platform provides a comprehensive overview of the security risks facing organisations’ people, assets, and facilities. Through our integrated SAFE App, users are able to rapidly acknowledge and receive information, alerts, and location data in emergency incidents.

SAFE Business is a situational awareness, alert and response capability driven by innovative tracking technology combined with global news and intelligence services. Information is delivered to users efficiently and seamlessly, making it easy to keep on top of what is happening specific to your sector of operation, so that you stay informed of any incidents and developments that might be taking place.


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