Our mission is to enhance the safety of key personnel within organisations, corporations, and governments. Our technology delivers this via a centralised cloud platform and integrated personal safety app.

SEAK provide sophisticated cloud technologies to organisations and their personnel. Via a centralised platform and integrated app for iOS and Android, SEAK enables organisations to: know where their people are and coordinate safe work practises; send messages securely across any scale; schedule wellbeing check-in requests and receive location check-ins anytime; and to provide its personnel with discreet personal support at all times.

Founded in 2015 on the expertise and security nous of highly experienced operators from elite military and police backgrounds, SEAK benefits from a dedicated in-house onshore development team with decades of ingenuity in software engineering.

SEAK’s products and services have been designed to integrate with customers’ existing security provisions, partners, and protocols to protect and enhance their current personnel safety and security investment.

SEAK Global was founded by a group of highly experienced operators consisting of former Special Forces personnel, police and security specialists with UK parliament and government backgrounds. Along with our in-house software development team, we have designed and created tailored security focused technology solutions for the past 5 years.

Our unique combination of in-depth market expertise and state-of-the-art technology platforms enables us to deliver effective solutions that enhance our customers’ existing security and personnel safety provisions.

We identified four specific areas in which architectural upgrades could improve the performance, reliability, and scalability of our products for our clients.

Autonomous sign-up – our technologies are accessible from any device at any time.

App-first architecture – core functionality and alerting features are accessible even when connection is intermittent or unavailable.

Near limitless scalability – serverless architecture automatically handles increasing traffic.

Unified identity providers – a single SAFE sign-in can be used for the app, platform, and additional SEAK services, enabling the sharing of assets between and within companies.



Hefin Jones MC
Executive Chairman

Formerly Regimental Sergeant Major with a Specialised Military Unit during 25 years of service, Hef subsequently became Director of Above Ground Risks for a major oil company, supporting upstream and downstream oil and gas operations in remote and hostile regions. Founder Member of SEAK.


Andrew Wilson
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew has over 30 years of senior management and commercial experience in technology. His knowledge of end-user organisations, strategic vendors, and independent services firms, gives him the unique insight and experience to drive SEAK’s world-class customer experience in the ‘hot space’ of Personnel security.


Rob Clother
Chief Technology Officer

Rob coordinates the design and development of SEAK’s digital product suite, and sets the direction of future innovation. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics, and brings with him 20 years of experience in software development and architecture.


Charlie Hart
Customer Experience Director

Charlie’s extensive knowledge of the product and services uniquely positions him to deliver exceptional customer experience. Prior to SEAK, he fronted Account Management within a high-intensity environment, gaining invaluable commercial and customer experience.

Our Heritage

Our heritage describes what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. At SEAK, we deliver and operate by the following core foundations:


Our expertise is based on Special Forces and National Security protocols, combined with our dedicated in-house onshore technical team, and strategic partnerships.


SAFE combines a messaging and monitoring platform through a personal safety app that is easy to adopt, easy to use and accessible 24/7 via any mobile device.

Investment Protection

SAFE Business works with your existing partners and safety protocols, to protect and enhance your current investment.


Our scale up, scale out approach allows for a roadmap of additional functionality, focused on the increasing requirements of today’s dynamic world, to be available to more personnel.


Personnel security is increasingly high on the corporate agenda.

“97.2% of managements’ top concerns in the current environment is keeping employees safe and productively employed” – Fortune, 2020


SEAK and its ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) partner hold BS8484 accreditation. SEAK also adheres to the strict requirements of GDPR.