SEAK Global is a next generation company dedicated to protecting the safety and security of individuals.

SEAK Global is an independently owned, UK based specialist provider of personal safety and security risk management services to individuals, families, corporations and governments all over the globe.

We take a strategy led and technologically advanced approach to personal safety and security risk management. Our integrated suite of services for individuals and organisations are enabled by advanced technology. Tailored and fully adaptable, our services are evidence based, always designed and delivered by highly experienced professionals.

We achieve this through delivering forward thinking technology solutions that are highly innovative and span a broad range of services. This includes global tracking technology, social and situational intelligence, crisis response, threat capture and alerting.

With our adaptable approach, all SEAK Global technology solutions have been designed to enable our clients to manage their individual safety and security needs with complete privacy of their information.

SEAK Global was founded by a group of highly experienced operators consisting of former National Mission Unit personnel, Police, and experienced in-house technical staff with extensive knowledge in providing solutions at a tactical, operational, and strategic level within the defence and commercial sectors.

We provide bespoke security, intelligence advisory, operational security, crisis management and training services, utilising subject matter experts to protect the safety and security of our clients’ individuals around the globe.

SEAK was created as a literal symbol of our multifaceted capabilities: Surveillance, Economic and Academic Knowledge. With over 40 years’ expertise in covert surveillance, innovative tracking, and IT software, as well as a network of Fellows who are the source of our knowledge, we are able to provide accurate intelligence to our clients.

Our expert advice helps our clients achieve their goals while they are navigating the various diverse environments in which they operate. SEAK symbolises our desire to provide the very best knowledge, expert advice and noteworthy intelligence.


Our Ethos

Our ethos describes what we do and how we do it. At SEAK Global, we deliver and operate by the following core values:


Our team’s ability to communicate internally and externally towards shared objectives.


Bespoke solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of individuals and organisations.


We pursue next-generation technologies to stay ahead of the industry and are always open to feedback and ideas.


It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.


Unity is strength. Through our shared values we at SEAK are able to collaborate at all levels.


We love what we do and have fun demonstrating our humour and humility.


Above all else we are dedicated to our clients and to each other.


We rely on in-house technical expertise combined with our broad depth of security and operational experience.